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In addition to booking our own artists, we also curate various events.
-- a little over two years ago, we launched the Second Sunday series at Pioneer Works, in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The monthly event has grown into a cult favorite which is host to over 1,500 people each month.
- From 2007 through 2012, we curated MoMA's Thursday night series, which took place in their garden. We programmed music that complemented the environment as well as current exhibits -  avant garde cumbia from Bogotá, Gamelan from Indonesia,  French pop stars, African musicians from the Congo and Sierra Leone as well as homegrown talent.
- Once a year, we partner with our good friends at Electric Cowbell and produce the Secret Planet showcase, which coincide with the APAP conference, and attracts music professionals from around the world.  
- We also programm the music for the Brooklyn club  Barbès  and act as consultant for various venues and festivals.
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