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Spinning vintage  Chicha, Cumbia, Sanjuanitos, Carimbo and more..

DJ K CONAN (aka Olivier Conan)  is a French-born, Brooklyn-based musician, producer, DJ and curator. He has been involved in Peruvian cumbia and chicha for over ten years – first as researcher and producer of the Roots or Chicha compilations,  then with his own band, Chicha Libre and as a DJ intent on sharing the music he loves.



















DJ K CONAN has also been collecting vintage tropical music from Ecuador and Colombia and his DJ sets mix Chicha, Cumbia, Vallenato, Carimbó and Sanjuanitos. 


In NY, he has performed at Nublu, MoMA, Barbès , Subrosa and Pioneer Works. He has also performed in Lima, Mexico City and Paris.


For booking contact, us here.

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