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From their album, De Pelicula:
El Curruchá. Featuring
Andrea Echeverri of Aterciopelados 

Los Crema Paraiso, named after a beloved Caracas' ice cream parlor, is a Venezuelan power trio made up of  Neil Ochoa (Si Se, Chicha Libre), José Luis Pardo (Los Amigos Invisibles), and Álvaro Benavides (Pedrito Martinez Group).


The trio takes Venezuelan traditional music as its foundation, but infuses it with rock, funk, latin grooves, jazz and Exotica. The result could serve as the background to a 1970’s Venezuelan B movie.  


Los Crema Paraiso’s sophomore album, De Pelicula, is an update on what has been referred to as “High Speed Bossa Nova" and offers a melange of classic Venezuelan songs, rock anthems and original tracks influenced by Noel Petro, Tom Jobim, Llanera music, Medeski, Martin and Wood and Pink Floyd.


The group has toured the US, including the Ruido Festival in Chicago, River to River festival in New York, LAMC and the Echale festival in San Antonio. They have also performed in Venezuela and Colombia and toured Australia in 2014.  



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US Booking:
Mel Puljic / FLI Artist

Management / Europe & Latin America bookings:

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