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Tropical Weirdness from Bogota, Colombia.


Colombian guitarist and composer Eblis Alvarez started Meridian Brothers back in 1998 as a vehicle for his own experimental music. Over the years, the group has evolved into a five-piece band focused on re-interpreting all manners of Latin Tropical styles with a strong psychedelic and experimental sensibility.


The Meridian Brothers’ music uses popular Latin American rhythms, augmented by sampling techniques, elaborate effect processing, and Eblis’ quirky and theatrical vocals, which channel imaginary characters with both pathos and humor.

The group has released albums on Soundway records, Names You can Trust, Bongo Joe and now Ansonia and have proved very popular in South America and Europe where the band has toured extensively and has started to reach out to an audience more familiar with indie rock and experimental than Latin music.

Meridian's new project is a tribute to New York's 70's era Salsa Dura. For the project, they have created an avatar, a fictitious group named El Grupo Renacimiento, and written a new repertoire trying to emulate the writing style of those late 60's and early 70's groups while retaining the Meridian Brothers idiosyncratic style of arranging and recording. The sound of instruments has been modified to fit the Meridian electronic templates, and the result is a fantastic album true to the spirit of Salsa Dura and in line with Eblis Alvarez two decade-long experiments with Latin tropical sounds. 


The album Meridian Brothers y el Grupo Renacimiento was just released on the Ansonia label - a historical Latin label specialized in Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban music from the 1960's that has only recently been revived and has made its catalog finally available on digital platforms. 


Meridian Brothers new album will be Ansonia's first release in over 30 years -  a nod from Ansonia Records to the legacy of Latin music history as it steps into the modern era.


 Eblis Alvarez has been an intricate part of the new generation of Colombian musicians for the past ten years. He is also a former member of Frente Cumbiero and a current member of trio Los Pirañas.

Meridian Brothers include Maria Valencia (saxophone, clarinet, percussion and synthesizers), Mauricio Ramirez (Percussion), Cesar Quevedo (bass) and Alejandro Forero (electronics and synthesizers)


New album here (Gupo Renacimiento on Ansonia)

Ficti-mentary about Grupo Renacimiento

Previous albums (on Bandcamp)


Salvadora Robot

Paz en la tierra

Some Press

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KCRW Live session

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- The band is based in Bogota.

- The group will perform at the Big Ears festival on March 31st 23 and will tape a Tiny Desk at NPR and a KCRW live session soon thereafter. A Bandcamp live session will be featured on Bandcamp's landing page as well. 

Five musicians on stage. 7 people on the road

Traveling with an FOH and a Tour Manager.

TECH RIDER (can be adapted according to venue resources..)


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